The Weekly Spotlight: 10/08/12-10/12/12

Posted: October 14, 2012 in WWE
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It’s time to take a look at both the best and worst moment from this past week in wrestling television.







CM Punk vs. Vince McMahon (Raw, 10/08/12)

With last week’s dismal rating on Raw and pretty much WWE programming all around, Creative went all out to make sure Raw was can’t-miss television.

One sentence did it all: CM Punk vs. Mr. McMahon.

Set up beautifully at the start of the show with an intense exchange between Punk and McMahon that climaxed with a slap from the WWE Champion, McMahon challenged Punk later in the night and all throughout the night, the match was the focal point of the show with segments that involved Jim Ross and Paul Heyman sprinkled in.

The match itself delivered. It was entertaining and back-and-forth. Numerous momentum shifts as well. There were kendo sticks involved as well and just a little bit of blood shed.

While there was no winner, it set up the current stipulation for the WWE Championship match at Hell in a Cell really well.

Punk had McMahon in the GTS when Ryback’s music hit and he went to the ring. Punk escaped, only to be thrown back in by John Cena.

The crowd popped huge and the camera shook as Ryback had Punk hoisted in the air, ready to deliver the Shell Shock.

Punk squirmed out and went through the crowd. McMahon gave him a choice of either Cena or Ryback to face.

This couldn’t have been done more perfectly, especially with Punk’s most recent interactions with Cena and Ryback.

All signs should point to a Punk/Cena rematch, but even if it’s Ryback, we may get less of a match in the ring, but you can’t deny the build-up has been great. Thanks to the work of Punk alone, he’s elevated Ryback to a Main Event level.







Sheamus and The Big Show execute their finishers on a machine (Smackdown, 10/12/12)

It shouldn’t be a shock to see a Sheamus/Big Show segment once again take the lowlight.

It was a waste of time that did nothing to make their match at “Hell in a Cell” for the World Heavyweight Championship sound any more exciting.

It hasn’t been about the Championship, just whose finisher is more deadly. You wouldn’t even think this is for a Championship.

Both men tested their finishers on an inanimate object. The fact that Show’s punch reached an incredibly unrealistic level of force made this segment even more phony.

The physical side of the feud has been passable, but on the vocal side: atrocious. These segments aren’t doing a thing.

After Sheamus’ feud with Alberto Del Rio overstayed its welcome, he needed new blood in the Title picture, but Big Show isn’t the way to go.

This segment just reminded us more of that.

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