TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Preview

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Tonight is TNA’s biggest show yet, but it doesn’t feel like it compared to other years when you look up and down the card.

It’s a shame too, because the Bound For Glory series was brilliantly done.


Let’s look at the card:

- X-Division Championship- Zema Ion (Champion) vs. Rob Van Dam: A match thrown together last second, it should deliver. Also a “preview,” it should get the crowd riled up for the show. Ion has been pushed as a ruthless, remorseless champion. While RVD will take him to the limit, Ion should somehow escape Champion.

- TNA Knockouts Championship- Miss Tessmacher (Champion) vs. Tara: Tara has done great work since her heel turn. Tessmacher hasn’t done bad herself as the Babyface Champion. TNA has stepped this feud up from “Teacher vs. Student” to something more personal. Tara has talked plenty of her “Hollywood” boyfriend, who will appear Tonight. Who it is isn’t known yet, but it can be safe to assume he’ll help Tara win the Championship.

- Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan: Look for Ryan to somehow come out on top in fluky fashion. On paper, it doesn’t sound like a clinic, but the build-up has been decent at best as the two shared some interesting exchanges the past few weeks.

- TNA Television Title: Samoa Joe (Champion) vs. Magnus: TNA has comfortably pushed Joe as Champion as of late and he should be able to get a good match out of Magnus. No reason to take the title off of Joe now.

- TNA Tag Team Championships- Christopher Daniels/Kazarian (Champions) vs. Kurt Angle/A.J. Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez: Styles and Angle have bickered like pre-schoolers as of late and The Tag Champs stirred up some gossip and also caused rifts between Styles/Angle and Guerrero/Hernandez. Daniels/Kazarian make a great heel duo and TNA would be wise to keep them as Champions.

- Falls Count Anywhere- Bobby Roode vs. James Storm w/King Mo Lawal as Special Guest Referee: Once upon a time, this was TNA’s main feud. This should’ve been Tonight’s Main Event for the Championship, with all due respect to Aries. This was the feud that told a story. Roode was built as the strong Champion since last November when he defeated Storm, but lost the belt in June. Ideally, Roode would’ve been kept as Champion until Bound For Glory. Storm would’ve won the BFG Series. Unfortunately, both didn’t happen and while we still get a match between the two Tonight, it’s not nearly as special as it should be. The introduction of Lawal as Special Referee does nothing else than make him look good.

- Sting/Bully Ray vs. Two Aces and Eights Members: The last episode of Impact set this match up perfectly, as Bully Ray put on a show and he and Sting clicked together to deliver an entertaining match. Now that Ray has Sting and the rest of TNA on his side, it would be assumed that he screws TNA over and reveals himself as a member of Aces and Eights, at the least if not the Leader. Aces and Eights won’t lose this match since the stipulation says they leave TNA and they are on the cover of TNA’s next Pay-Per-View advertisement, which makes the turn more likely.

- TNA Championship- Austin Aries (Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy: Aries has truly shined as Champion since he won the Title from Bobby Roode at Destination X in June, but just turned heel this past week and basically told everybody to ignore everything he’s said the last few weeks. Hardy went on a late run in the Bound For Glory series to come out victorious. It’s clear that TNA wants to give Hardy a run with the belt and will do so at Aries’ expense. Expect a good match in the ring, but this just doesn’t capture that true big show “main event” feel.

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