Main Event Analysis: No Show-Stealers

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Since its debut, Main Event provides a one-hour show with the focus on one particular match through hype promos and video packages, almost an “old school” feel.

The second half of the show is whatever Creative throws out there.

A Paul Heyman promo and an Alberto Del Rio/Sin Cara match should’ve also been advertised for the show.

It wouldn’t have hurt.


Let’s break it all down by each segment:

- The Miz and Michael Cole’s pre-match discusson played up last week’s Intercontinental Title change nicely.

- Ryback’s video package summed up what he’s all about: dominance. It’s like all those squash matches came together for that one piece.

- Dolph Ziggler’s video package was brash and in-your-face, just like his personality. People forget Ziggler introduced himself to people for most of his first year. He’s evolved quite a bit since then.

- “Watch what I do to Ziggler, it’s feeding time,” is all Ryback should say. He talks in the ring.

- Ziggler offered no comment either and was visibly concerned and almost in “scheme” mode. If you will have a Ziggler/Ryback match, this is the way to at least hype it.

- Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler: Not a great match in the aspect that it wasn’t evenly matched. Ziggler flopped around the ring and sold it as if it was the Lochness Monster he was in a match with. The commercial backstage tease was a bit strange. Ziggler didn’t show enough fight here and it looked bad, because that’s what Ziggler does best.

- The “Raw Rebound” is usually saved for Smackdown. It’s not needed for this show, as Raw’s audience is almost four times the amount of Main Event’s audience. It wasn’t just a rebound either, but the final moments of Raw as well. Can you say “filler”?

- The announcement that John Cena will face the Universe in regard to the A.J. scandal as the Hell in a Cell Pre-Show is different. No match, but still works in the way some people will want to see it, just for the fact it’s John Cena.

- Paul Heyman continued to take shots at Ziggler in his promo. This could lead to something, perhaps a face turn for Ziggler. Vickie isn’t around anymore either. The stage is set up for that scenario.

- Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara: A Sin Cara match with no mood lighting? Who thought that day would come? This was just okay too. Del Rio has a match with Orton at Hell in a Cell and needs to look strong headed in, so that’s what this was for. Nothing special.

- Post-match, the Prime Time Players interrupted Del Rio and a possible face turn looked to be the case, but they helped Del Rio beat down on Sin Cara, which brought in Randy Orton. This effectively set up next week’s Main Event 6-man tag match.


Final Thoughts: Next week’s match sounds like something you would see on Smackdown, but at least they tried to make it exciting. Once again, there is a reason to tune in. The second match should be announced too, just for the sake of hype.

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  1. chefmcduck says:

    Ziggler’s briefcase is for the World title. John Cena’s was for the WWE Championship. So, Ziggler can’t cash in on Punk unless they change this stipulation.

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