The Weekly Spotlight: 11/12/12-11/16/12

Posted: November 18, 2012 in TNA, WWE
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It’s time to take a look back at both the best and worst moment from this past week in wrestling television.



CM Punk Interrupts Jerry “The King” Lawler’s Return (Raw, 11/12/12)

It was tough for anybody who watched the September 10th episode of Raw where Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack and collapsed at the announce table.

The fact that Lawler was fully recovered and back on WWE television in his full-time announcer role within two months was a miracle.

When Lawler hugged Jim Ross and Michael Cole in the ring, it was almost a legit Kleenex-grabber.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman remain the best heel duo in the business right now and there was no better way to stack more heat upon them than to interrupt a true feel-good moment and step all over it.

You wouldn’t have thought WWE would go there, but they did.

Perhaps the Heyman “re-enactment” was a step too far, but the rest of it was perfectly fine. It was controversial. It got people enraged. That was the point of it all.

After all, it would’ve been strange had there not been some kind of interaction between Punk and Lawler. It was Lawler who set up Punk’s slow-burn heel turn at the end of Raw 1000.

Had Lawler’s heart attack been worse, WWE would’ve had to backtrack on the whole thing, but with Lawler alive and well, why not take advantage of a big opportunity to get mega-heat on the WWE Champ?



James Storm loses his Title Shot to Bobby Roode (Impact, 11/15/12)

James Storm, Bobby Roode and A.J. Styles all competed in a match at Turning Point where the winner would become #1 Contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and whoever got pinned wouldn’t receive a World Title shot until Bound For Glory 2013.

Storm emerged victorious while Styles got pinned.

Sure, a Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm match probably isn’t TNA’s best draw but it served as a good transitional feud to get to their best draw.

With that, Styles got buried further and back into another feud with Christopher Daniels and TNA found a way to set James Storm back too.

First, he was stupid enough to put his newly-won Contendership on the line just because Roode insulted his daughters. Really? That’s all it took?

The match itself was pretty good for TV, but it wasn’t enough that Roode won the match, he did it in cheap fashion as well.

Just like that, it will be Hardy against Roode. Styles and Storm got shoved into the backseat.

Big mistake, TNA.

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