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Smackdown had its share of filler and good-to-great matches, with a wee little bit of storyline advancement.

This show didn’t break any new ground, but the John Cena/Alberto Del Rio, Six-man Tag and Sheamus/Dolph Ziggler matches made it worthwhile.






The Breakdown:

- Unintelligent narrated video package opener focused on The Shield/Ryback/CM Punk madness, Sheamus/Ziggler and John Cena and Big Show.

- John Cena’s promo was decent. He ran down Dolph Ziggler pretty good before Alberto Del Rio interrupted and gave his generic promo. Yes, we got a Del Rio/Cena match out of this.

- John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio: Pretty standard match. Nothing too excitable although it got better towards the end. Del Rio had a couple of nice moments (Top-Rope Ensuguiri) and the crowd bought into a few near-falls. Cena won with a Top-Rope Leg Drop. Dolph Ziggler attacked Cena with the Briefcase as Cena gestured on the ramp.

- Was Kofi Kingston really confident that Team Hell No would finally work together just for him? Either way, entertaining to see Bryan and Kane shout “Yes!” after they each complimented each other.

- Booker T has been portrayed as a stern General Manager. Whatever happened to Eve though?

- The Great Khali (w/Hornswoggle) def. David Otunga: Horrendous all around. Khali won with the Chop. Why?

- Team Hell No/Kofi Kingston def. The Prime Time Players/Wade Barrett: High-energy, entertaining match where everybody looked good.  Bryan won with the No Lock.

- That was a really good Sheamus promo, almost a throwback to his old heel promos. He was serious throughout yet still believable.

- Damien Sandow’s “individual basis” of enlightenment was decent stuff, but it felt way too similar to CM Punk’s old “Straight Edge Pledge” segments.

- Damien Sandow def. Tyson Kidd: Kidd had a decent showing, but this was all Sandow, who won with his finisher.

- Dolph Ziggler’s backstage promo was strong as he ran down Cena and Sheamus and showed his confidence. Ziggler’s been top-notch on the mic.

- Heath Slater/Jinder Mahal (w/Drew McIntyre) def. The Usos: Usos had quite more offense than expected, but just a filler match. 3MB continues to suck. These guys aren’t funny enough to pull off this schtick.

- Dolph Ziggler def. Sheamus via DQ: Pretty good action until the Big Show interference. Post-match, Ziggler and Show beat on Sheamus. Cena made the save. Him and Sheamus both suplexed the Big Show and eliminated him from the ring. Sheamus and Cena hugged.






Final Thoughts: Nothing announced for next week’s show, but that should change after Raw. Smackdown continues to be the “leftover” show.

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