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This show lacked impact and was very unspectacular.

Yes, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett weren’t going to have an in-ring masterpiece, but it should’ve been better than what we got.

This is what happens when you have the same matches too many times; things become predictable and tiresome.

The lone bright spot here was The Shield’s video promo. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

The rest of this show? Save yourself the trouble, unless lame promos and Great Khali matches are your thing.






The Breakdown:

- Useless narrated video opener focused on The Shield, Ryback and his attack on CM Punk on Raw.

- Next was the announcement of Punk being out of TLC and Six-man tag team TLC match with The Shield vs. Team Hell No/Ryback.

- General Manager Booker T is surely no pushover. He’s been stern and effective. Glad to see that they followed up on Sheamus and Big Show’s past parking lot brawl as a catalyst for a “no-contact stipulation” until TLC. Hey, it worked out for Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H back in 2001.

- Pretty strong “no-contact contract” segment between Sheamus and Big Show. It’s amazing that they’ve stepped up their promos thinking back to those dreadful pre-Hell in a Cell segments. It also had Booker T announce big matches early on, like Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio later on and Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan, which was the next match.

- The Big Show def. Daniel Bryan: Big chop-fest early on. Bryan also supplied plenty of hard kicks. Show had the advantage for most of the match. Bryan started a comeback and managed to counter a Chokeslam into a DDT. The Shield began to make their way down to the ramp while Bryan was on the top rope, which distracted him and allowed Show to Chokeslam him for the win. Pretty good match. The Shield entered the ring and beat down Bryan. Kane made the save, but was quickly outdone and powerbombed through the announce table for his troubles.

- Damien Sandow offered more hilarity with his “apprentice” segment. Once The Miz interrupted, things became interesting. Miz’s quip on Sandow made fun of his delivery. Nothing really came of it despite the broadcast teams’ constant claims that Sandow was “stumped.” Pretty weak, but hopefully it leads to something bigger.

- 3MB def. The Usos/Brodus Clay: 3MB continues to feel like a WCW circa 2000 act. Not good. Usos flew around, but McIntryre hit the Future Shock to finish it off.

- Good, serious promo by Wade Barrett, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. It took a while to kick in, but this “new” Barrett is a refreshed main event figure.

- Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett: Kofi Kingston sat in on commentary and scouted Barrett. Usual gritty, aggressive match. Barrett took off the protective padding of the turnbuckle when Kingston yelled at Barrett and leaped on to the apron, which distracted him enough to fall into an RKO.

- The Great Khali/Hornswoggle (w/Natalya) def. Primo/Epico (w/Rosa Mendes): Snooze-palooza. Hornswoggle won with the Frog Splash. Natalya, Khali and Hornswoggle danced after. What was that?

- Really solid video from The Shield. The grainy, handheld video footage was unlike anything seen before. It also set their motives straight and reiterated their past point.

- The Antonio Cesaro promo was more of the same banter we’ve heard before. R-Truth interrupted and delivered one of his better promos to date. Some of what he said sounded more like something you’d hear from a presidential debate. They tried to make their feud feel personal, but it didn’t quite pan out that way.

- “When you kick my dog, I’m gonna kick your cat” is one of the strangest lines ever.

- Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo Rodriguez): Slow-paced, back-and-forth. Big Show came out on the stage and watched. Shamus began his comeback and eventually finished Del Rio off with the Texas Cloverleaf. After the match, Big Show applauded Sheamus and dared Sheamus to hit him. Sheamus geared up for the Brogue Kick. Show closed his eyes. Sheamus sent Rodriguez into Show’s mid-section. Smart play on the “no contact” stipulation, but nothing spectacular.






Final Thoughts: The biggest story out of this was Sheamus and Show’s “no contact” stipulation. This may have been a good idea to come right out of Survivor Series with, not with nine days until TLC. By the time it’s over, it’ll be long forgotten. Once again, check out that Shield promo.

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