The Weekly Spotlight: 12/3/12-12/7/12

Posted: December 9, 2012 in WWE
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It was another eventful week in wrestling; CM Punk was taken off the TLC card, The Shield and Aces and Events administered several beatdowns and there just seemed to be way too many tag team matches.

We take a look back at the “highlight,” a moment from this past week that was memorable for all the right reasons and the “lowlight,” a moment from this past week that we wish we could all forget.







Antonio Cesaro vs. Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston vs. R-Truth (Raw, 12/3/12)

Raw Fatal Four Way

(Photo Credit: WWE)

At first, it seemed like the predictable tag match between Cesaro/Barrett and Truth/Kingston, until Teddy Long came out and changed it to a fatal four-way match that had the Raw Active poll put Cesaro’s United States Championship on the line.

Cesaro, formerly Claudio Castagnoli of indy wrestling fame, was called up on Smackdown as Antonio Cesaro, a former rugby player and had Aksana saddled with him. Fortunately, he gained the United States Championship and dumped Aksana.

Since then, he’s added an “anti-american” aspect of his gimmick. He hasn’t quite clicked into it, yet he gets more heat from the crowd every week, so it has essentially worked.

After his match against Sheamus on Raw the previous week gained plenty of praise, it seemed as if Cesaro would once again find himself behind the best match on Raw once this match was announced.

That was indeed the case.

It almost seemed as if Cesaro may lose his Belt as the other three men in the match took him to the limit. That’s when you know a fatal four-way is good.

Cesaro was in the spotlight, as he used his European Upper Cut on Kingston in one memorable spot in the match. Another included the picture above.

The pace was chaotic, but not overwhelming where it was tough to follow, this was good chaos.

The finish, which had Cesaro pick up Kingston as he pinned Wade Barrett after he hit Barrett with the Trouble in Paradise and delivered the Neutralizer, was something truly memorable.

Don’t worry, you got your bland tag match on Main Event with these four, but perhaps it was so bland because their match on Raw had set the bar so high.







The Great Khali/Hornswoggle vs. Primo/Epico (Smackdown, 12/7/12)

Great Khali Clothesline Primo and Epico Smackdown

There was so much hope for the Primo/Epico tag team once they seemed to be turned face.

They actually had a decent push. Since then, WWE went back and tuned them heel without explanation and they’ve gone back to being tag jobbers.

Case in point, the two were dominated by the lame duo of The Great Khali and Hornswoggle, a match that cringed the faces of true wrestling fans everywhere.

What does WWE look to get out of this? Worse yet, why is Natalya saddled with them? Hopefully, WWE doesn’t look to turn these guys into a serious tag team.

After the success that was the WWE Tag Team Tournament that revitalized the division, they shouldn’t have to resort to these lame tactics to get tag teams over.

To put it simply, this should never happen. Ever.

From the looks of things, it seems to only get worse with each week that passes. Oy.

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