Main Event Analysis: Tag Team Turmoil

Posted: December 20, 2012 in WWE
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WWE Main Event Logo

Main Event excels when it’s presented as an outlet for a good grudge match.

That was the case once again as Team Hell No defended the Tag Team Championships against Team Rhodes Scholars.

This was near Pay-Per-View quality stuff. If you have the time, it’s definitely recommended you catch it.






The Breakdown:

- Good job by WWE as Michael Cole and The Miz started the show right off with a bang when they brought up the “revenge” aspect of the match from Cody Rhodes’ side, as they brought up his nasty bump the last time he fought on Main Event.

- The video package that highlighted the rivalry between Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars was fun. It focused more on Team Hell No’s dysfunctional side, even though they’ve been more serious since The Shield came around.

- WWE Tag Team Championships- Team Hell No def. Team Rhodes Scholars to retain: It started out at a fair pace as both teams traded momentum shifts. Just a good old-fashioned tag team match. Very solid in-ring action that never felt stale for a second. Rhodes nearly won with the Disaster Kick but Kane kicked out. Rhodes missed a Top Rope Moonsault and Kane Chokeslammed him and Bryan, who tagged himself in, hit the Flying Headbutt and got the three-count.

- The Primetime Players def. Team CoBro: Decent match. Ryder and Marella came close to a victory, but O’Neill hit his finisher on Ryder after a missed Rough Ryder attempt. The Primetime Players still remain a threat to the division while Team CoBro are the opposite.






Final Thoughts: Thanks to the rejuvenation of the tag team division, episodes like this happened. Nothing was hyped for next week’s show, but it will be a holiday week so people probably weren’t taking it seriously anyway.

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