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If you tuned in on Thursday to see wrestling on Impact, besides the opener and the main event, you didn’t get much of that.

This was a show dominated by segments. There were almost about 50 minutes in between matches at one point in the show.

TNA’s storylines feel purely transitional at the moment, almost like they will get to better things and this is what we have for now.

Some of them are good, like Rob Van Dam/Kenny King, Joseph Park at Training Camp and the main event scene.

We could do without the Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan stuff now.






The Breakdown:

- Narrated video opener focused on the Knockouts Championship, the Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan/Hulk Hogan debacle, Austin Aries’ payoff to Aces and Eights and Jeff Hardy/Austin Aries III for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- TNA Television Championship- Devon (w/Aces and Eights members) def. Kurt Angle (w/Garrett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Samoa Joe): Devon brought his crew and Angle called out Samoa Joe, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco to back him up. Eventually, everybody brawled outside of the ring while Angle stood in the ring. Devon attacked the injured knee. The two fought for another five minutes. Angle had Devon in the Ankle Lock and the Aces and Eights members distracted the referee on the outside. Angle’s posse confronted the Aces and Eights while one member snuck around and entered the ring and attacked Angle with a baseball bat and Devon pinned him for the three-count. Decent story told in the ring, but everything else outside of it was too much of a distraction. The only way Aces and Eights win matches are by interferences. It’s getting old.

- Brooke Hogan eliminated ODB because her husband was laid up in bed. ODB left the office and told Brooke to kiss her ass.

- Decent promo by Kenny King as he explained that everybody remembers him beating Rob Van Dam last week and not the way he won the match with his feet on the ropes. He expressed his satisfaction with now teaming with RVD.

- Matt Morgan/Joey Ryan def. Rob Van Dam/Kenny King: So-so match, nothing ever really materialized in the ring as far as the action, well until the end anyway. King stood between RVD and Matt Morgan as Morgan was about to hit the Big Boot. King left the ring and let RVD take the Big Boot. King laughed at ringside and asked RVD how his face was. Another RVD/King match is inevitable.

- Kazarian said he didn’t care about Styles walking away and promised something big for his partner Christopher Daniels. Well alrighty then.

- Hulk Hogan came out, promoted the Impact Wrestler of the Year award and was interrupted by Aces and Eights. Devon cut a promo where he said 2012 was the year Aces and Eights were born and that it was unfortunate Hogan won’t be around to see it. They began to corner Hogan when Bully Ray came out to make the save. Hogan shot Ray a dirty look and just left the ring with no thanks to Ray, who shouted “what do I have to do?” Decent segment that furthered things with Ray and Hogan.

- Jeff Hardy said Aries earned his respect by throwing his body on the line, but said he was disgusted by the fact that he paid somebody to help beat him. At least we didn’t go “inside” his mind again.

- Brooke Hogan eliminated Brooke Tessmacher as she had already had her chance and Mickie James and Velvet Sky haven’t gotten one. Nothing more than that.

- The Kazarian/Daniels/Santa segment was over-the-top, but it worked for them. Once James Storm entered the picture, it was just strange. It was topped off with a Last Call Superkick on Santa.

- Thank god Aries ripped on the Jeff Hardy internal monologues. Good promo that hyped his match with Hardy, but he really needs to stop with the “Greatest Wrestler in the Universe” name. It makes him look like a CM Punk wannabe whereas the “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” moniker is all Aries.

- Hooray. Yet another overhyped Sting return. He was barely gone for more than a month. Well, at least we get to see him exact revenge on Aces and Eights soon, but much predicted.

- Devon, with permission from his fellow Aces and Eights members will reach out to somebody for a sit-down to help them against Sting. Wonder where that will lead.

- Brooke Hogan made her final decision on Mickie James, which upset Velvet Sky.

- TNA Knockouts Championship- Tara (w/Jesse) def. Mickie James to retain: An okay match. Not spectacular. Tara won thanks to Jesse’s interference.

- Looks like Joseph Park has come into his own at training camp.

- TNA World Heavyweight Championship- Jeff Hardy def. Austin Aries: Slow start but became pretty good once it picked up. With the referee down, Aries hit the Brainbuster and gestured for a referee to come to the ring. He pinned Hardy. Bobby Roode came down and behind Aries’ back, hit the mat twice. Aries turned around and Roode gave him the finger and hit him with the Spinebuster. Hardy then hit Aries with the Swanton Bomb for the win. Roode screwing over Aries was predictable, yet well-done.

- Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray kissed to end the show as Hulk sped away in his car. Oh, brother.






Final Thoughts: TNA has their eyes set on the future with Sting’s return and it should be fun to see him get revenge on Aces and Eights, but he wasn’t gone long enough to build it as a “big return.” TNA has done this too much with Sting. It lessens his returns more and more. Until then, we have the Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan storyline to deal with, which has officially jumped the shark with the kiss.

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