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This episode of Main Event featured a decent 20-Man Battle Royal, with the winner receiving a United States Championship shot and an entertaining tag team match.

The problem was that out of a match that had other great potential contenders for Cesaro like Zack Ryder, Brodus Clay or Santino Marella, Creative gave the match to The Great Khali, of all people.

Khali? Seriously? Ugh.






The Breakdown:

- Things went right to business with the 20-man Battle Royal ready to go, although they televised Primo/Epico, Team Rhodes Scholars, Santino Marella, Wade Barrett and The Great Khali’s entrances.

- Smart to have Antonio Cesaro on commentary, as he would face the winner of the Battle Royal.

- The Great Khali won 20-Man Battle Royal to receive United States Championship Shot: This wasn’t unlike any other Battle Royal, as there was lots of action. Khali eliminated Wade Barrett with a chop to win it all. After the match, Cesaro went into the ring and shook hands with Khali. Khali managed to make the mid-card look like an utter joke, much like the Cesaro/Khali U.S. Championship match will be on next week’s show.

- Cesaro attacked Khali backstage as he was about to give his thoughts on the Battle Royal. Khali countered with a chop to the chest that brought Cesaro down, but not out. Pretty pathetic stuff. This match is about as appealing as a year-old Big Mac.

- The only thing more cheesier than what happened on Raw was the video package that highlighted it all.

- The 3MB promo left a lot to be desired, but it at least set up the upcoming match and used the Battle Royal to explain it. You have to wonder where the 3MB angle is heading, since they’re obviously stalling to release their first “single.”

- Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd def. Drew McIntyre/Jinder Mahal (w/Heath Slater): The Miz made a great point when he referred to Gabriel/Kidd as the “New Age Rockers,” and their offense was very reminscent of them. Miz and Cole also mentioned Jillian Hall again, as she had released a Christmas album and had a mole on her face, all WWE wants us to remember her for, despite the fact she could actually wrestle. This was a pretty good match, as Gabriel/Kidd made a great comeback. Gabriel/Kidd need more of a push, as they could easily be one of the top teams in the Division.






Final Thoughts: There are 5,000 matches that sound better than Cesaro/Khali next week. What possessed WWE to make this match? Dreadful.

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