The Weekly Spotlight: 12/31/12-1/4/13

Posted: January 6, 2013 in WWE
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The first week of 2013 in wrestling had its share of thrills and letdowns.

“Poop” fell on A.J. Lee and Dolph Ziggler on Raw, Sting returned against the Aces and Eights and Mike Knox was revealed as a part of the Biker faction on Impact and there was a whole lot of action between Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston.

These are two specific moments from the past week. One took a current rivalry to new heights while the other was a birth we’d all like to forget.







Wade Barrett Defeats Kofi Kingston to Win Intercontinental Championship (Raw, 12/31/12)

Back at TLC, Barrett looked sure to become new Intercontinental Champion as he challenged Kofi Kingston.

Kingston feuded with The Miz a couple of months before, except it was completely one-sided. Kingston defeated Miz four times in a row, the biggest victory when he won the IC Title on Main Event.

The “Wildcat” seemed destined to take off, but his IC Title reign felt like a letdown. Yet at TLC, WWE kept Kingston Champion.

Over time, Wade Barrett has stepped up his game and efficiently wiped away the “Faction Leader” label he was ridden with since his debut.

A big part of it has been a great rivalry with Kofi Kingston that has featured a trade of wins between the two. Kingston lost to Barrett twice this week, but the matches were totally even.

Their match on Raw was a little better than their match on Smackdown. The edge goes to the surprise factor where Barrett beat Kingston and was simply better. It was the highlight of a less-than-memorable Raw.

Barrett brings the IC Title to the next level and this has becomeĀ a hot feud that should most likely culminate at the Royal Rumble.







Mae Young Gives Birth to Hornswoggle (Raw, 12/31/12)

Since he came into WWE, Hornswoggle has been a “Little Bastard,” Cruiserweight Champion, Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son, Finlay’s son, the anonymous Raw General Manager and now, Mae Young’s second son, after a hand of course 12 years ago.

Why can’t WWE just let this gag go? Did we really need to relive this whole debacle again?

It’s hard to turn people into wrestling fans when you show them things like this. It’s a turn-off to all involved.

WWE always seems to top themselves whenever Holiday filler comes around and when the locker room has a “party,” let’s just say it’s never a good thing.

The reference to the hand on Raw 1000 was good enough. This was just overboard, loopholes aside. Hornswoggle has now been the son of three different people.

Who’s next?

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