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TNA’s new Pay-Per-View schedule gives them only four shows a year now: Genesis, Lockdown, Slammiversary and Bound For Glory.

While it gives them a chance to revitalize their product and focus on different aspects of it, such as the X-Division and the Knockouts, now past throwaway shows like Genesis step to the forefront.

Needless to say, this show did little to make Genesis feel important. Yes, we know Impact is the lead-in to Bellator MMA next week, but it felt like Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan’s wedding overshadowed the Pay-Per-View four days prior.





The Breakdown:

- Video opener focused on Jeff Hardy’s victory of 2012 TNA Superstar of the Year, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode’s disdain for it and their upcoming three-way elimination match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Genesis, Bully Ray’s suspension from Hulk Hogan, Aces and Eights’ acquired help from Mr. Anderson and when Mike Knox was unmasked.

- Sting, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle came to the ring. Sting said his return was just the start and that he’d look for D.O.C. at Genesis. For this night, he felt frisky. He said he brought his friends and cordially invited Aces and Eights to “come get some” (Cena much?). Samoa Joe said Aces and Eights may had outnumbered him, but they didn’t outdo him. He threatened to beat down and choke them out. Angle said he promised to unmask Aces and Eights in 2013 for the cowards they were, but he wanted to expose someone else. He questioned what side Mr. Anderson was on. Anderson’s music hit. He asked where Angle, Joe and Sting were when Aces and Eights beat him down. He said he was about to stand with Sting before he was attacked and replaced with Bully Ray. He said he didn’t know what their problems were. Angle said he had no problem but he said either Anderson was with them or they’d fight. Anderson went into the ring and in Angle’s face and said he didn’t have to answer to him and never liked him. Angle said the feelings were mutual and punched Anderson, who slipped out of the ring and went up the ramp. Angle said it wasn’t over. Predictable segment, but at least Anderson is back to his heel ways, he was always better that way.

- A video for Jay Bradley, one of the new Gut Check competitors, aired. He said he learned hard work all his life and some of his friends went on to become the best in the world in the business and he’d make sure he came out on top against his opponent, Brian Cage. He has some potential. Definitely has a Kevin Steen-esque seriousness about him.

- Brooke hogan hopped off of a golf cart, iPhone in hand and said she’d talk to her dad, air all their dirty laundry on TV and he’d listen this time. Well, ain’t that exciting.

- X-Division Tournament Match- Kenny King def. Zema Ion to Advance: King was in face mode. King missed a Cockscrew Dive to the outside and Ion hit a Suicide Dive for a nice spot. Ion missed a 450 Splash, King hit the Double-Knee Kick and then finished with the Royal Flush to win. He grabbed a mic and said he’d be announced as new X-Division Champion at Genesis. Good match, but much too short. It’s hard to have an effective tournament with only four men. Kash and Ion have been hurt here. Good rub for King though.

- Robbie E complained to someone off-camera about Jersey Shore’s cancellation and his “Bro-Off” loss to Jesse. He mentioned Jesse and his “ugly girlfriend” Tara challenged him to a Mixed Tag match. He asked this person to team with him. It was revealed as Tessmacher, who said he disgusted her. Robbie E said he was desperate. Tessmacher said she agreed if she got to tag with the winner and patted Robbie T’s chest and left. Robbie E screamed “Bro” in frustration. What the hell was that?

- Joseph Park said he was excited after all his OVW work and thanked his Law partners that they let him take time off. He said when he approached Hogan later, he’d be a wrestler, not a lawyer.

- Mixed Tag- Miss Tessmacher/Robbie T def. Jesse/Tara: Tessmacher shook her thing and gave Tara a Stink Face. When Robbie T entered the match, he threw Jesse around. He delivered a vicious powerbomb to finish Jesse off for the three-count. Not sure where this goes, but perhaps the Robbie duo are faces now with Tessmacher’s alliance. Albeit, this wasn’t good. Robbie E raised Tessmacher and Robbie T’s arms. Robbie T began to dance. Him and Tessmacher did a ballroom routine, then he kissed her, much to Robbie E’s jealousy. Oh dear god.

- Brian Cage’s Gut Check video aired. He mentioned nobody believed in him and wanted to prove he belonged. Very similar promo to his opponent’s. They almost look alike too.

- Gut Check Match- Jay Bradley def. Brian Cage: Very indy-styled match fought by both men. Despite an impressive Second-Rope Superplex spot, still felt generic. Jay Bradley hit a Broomstick Lariat Finisher to win the match. While the “new” Gut Check matches are interesting, they should have it as the winner of the match automatically gets a contract while the loser goes through the Judges.

- Backstage, Aces and Eights had fun. Anderson interrupted and said there was a time and place for fun and this wasn’t one of them. One of the masked members said he was right and called a table meeting. The leader addressed Mike Knox’s unmasking and said Knox had a chance to prove he still belonged, just like D.O.C. did.

- Chris Parks was on his way to talk to Hulk Hogan in the ring.

- Chris Parks stood in the ring and said he was back from wrestling camp thankfully in one piece. He “respectfully requested” Hulk Hogan to join him. Hogan did so. He asked Park if he had any idea what was going on backstage. Park thanked Hogan for the opportunity and Danny Davis at OVW. He said he realized he was still a “green hornet,” but he said said he was there as a wrestler, not a Lawyer. Hogan said he was still inexperienced. Park said he did everything he had to do and wanted to fight the Aces and Eights. Hogan relunctantly complied. Park celebrated while Hogan looked skeptical. Brooke appeared on the big screen and said he ignored her calls and assumed he wanted to deal with it in public. What a hook… ugh.

- Back from break, Brooke told Hulk that he never answered her texts or voicemails. She said he had a question and how he answered it would determine their relationship for a long time. She asked if he’d reinstate “Mark” or keep up a personal vendetta.┬áHe said no and left the ring. Brooke was flabbergasted.

- Bobby Roode and Austin Aries argued about who’d wear their new attire. Very Team Hell No-esque. They brought up the fact that both of them deserved to be champion over Jeff Hardy. He said Roode was the longest Champion until he beat him. Roode called him a fluke. Still entertaining.

- A video package aired of Aries’ first title win and Aries said he still deserved to be Champion. Hardy said Aries’ time as Champion went to his head. Perfect video package, but where was Roode in this? He is in the match too.

- Jeff Hardy/James Storm def. Austin Aries/Bobby Roode via DQ: Hardy and Storm got along, while Roode and Aries bickered. Usual action until Hardy tagged in Storm and he cleaned house. He landed a neckbreaker on Storm and hit Aries with the Closing Time. Christopher Daniels jumped on the apron and distracted the Referee. Kazarian swooped Storm out of the ring. Storm fought back, but was outnumbered. Roode took a Twist of Fate. Hardy attempted it again, but Aries hit him from behind with the Belt and got DQ’d. Aries and Roode beat down Hardy and argued over the Belt, which yes, included a tug-of-war. Are we supposed to believe these guys have a chance against Hardy?

- Brooke Hogan was on the phone with Bully Ray and he wanted to come to the building.

- Joey Ryan, with Matt Morgan said that they’d win the gold because size mattered. Chavo and Hernandez watched from outside and attacked them as Morgan was about to speak. Meh.

- Another video package talked about the three-way match.

- Mr. Anderson did his microphone routine. Angle came in the ring and the two stood off. Anderson left the ring and stalled for time. Angle asked Anderson when he became a bitch. Anderson came back in and they looked like they’d go.┬áKnox hit Angle with the hammer in the upper spine. Samoa Joe, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco came to Kurt’s aid and Knox ran off. Angle was stretchered out. Sting came out. He went into the ring and called out the Aces and Eights and wanted Knox in the ring. Devon told Knox to go.

- Sting def. Mike Knox: Not much of a match, as Sting primarily irish-whipped Knox around the ringside area. Sting won with the Scorpion Death Drop. Sting grabbed the bat, stood over Knox and struck him. Devon called Sting’s attention, as Aces and Eights dragged along Brooke Hogan. Devon said they were in control and it’d be their year like 2012 was. Bully Ray ran into the crowd, knocked down two members and grabbed Brooke. Hogan stood on the ramp disgruntled.

- Back from commercial break, Hogan said he probably was supposed to thank Ray that he put his Daughter’s life in danger. He said he looked through his eyes and he wasn’t real and not the man for his Daughter. Ray begged Sting to convince him. Ray said Hogan was crazy and had it all wrong and that he was in the business for 20 years and wrestling was his life. He hoped one day to be as good as Sting and Hogan. He loved Pro Wrestling and then Brooke came in to his life. He said she came in his life because she apologized for Hulk. Ray said he was overwhelmed and it happened too quick. Hulk dropped his microphone. Ray told Brooke he wasn’t good at emotions, but it was different when he was with her. He dropped to one knee and said he didn’t care if their relationship was out in the open, he wanted her to marry him. She agreed. Bully Ray said he wanted to do it next week. Hulk left the ring and smelled something awful. This was dreadful television, folks. Perhaps a turn occurs next week.





Final Thoughts: Genesis has a decent card, but this show was otherwise a joke to hype it as so. Bad Influence could’ve used more exposure, as it was way too much Aces and Eights and Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan drama. At least Mr. Anderson’s character feels fresh again.

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