Main Event Analysis: Misstep (And Maddox)

Posted: January 17, 2013 in WWE
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WWE Main Event Logo

We had a fresh matchup between Randy Orton and United States Champion Antonio Cesaro when it was announced last week.

However, WWE jumped the gun and gave it to us on Smackdown, but did enough where too much wasn’t given away and here we were for Orton/Cesaro Take II.

Some weeks, Main Event is a throwaway with an easily predictable winner, but this time around, either man could get it.

Cesaro has been hot as U.S. Champion and had some notable victories to show for it, most recently against The Great Khali, twice. Why stop his roll now?

Orton has dealt with The Shield and was pinned clean by Wade Barrett on Raw, so you had to think perhaps he’d get a win here to make up.

When both guys that have momentum collide, everybody wins.






The Breakdown:

- Randy Orton def. Antonio Cesaro via DQ: Slow-paced, but strong match with power moves galore and ring psychology at its finest, well until the end. Cole told Miz several of Cesaro’s views of America, most of which Miz disagreed with. Cesaro pointed to Miz before the match and mimicked one of his moves in the match. Orton hit his Second-Rope DDT when The Shield made their way to the ring. Miz went into the ring and stood with Orton. The Shield backed off initially, but entered the ring and a brawl ensued. The Shield got the better of Miz and hit Orton with the Triple Powerbomb. Cesaro went back into the ring and hit the Neutralizer on Miz.

- The Raw Rebound highlighted The Rock’s concert, well the brawl portion.

- The Usos def. The Primetime Players: Brad Maddox hilariously inserted himself into commentary and replaced The Miz. His sarcastic delivery mixed with his obvious inexperience as an announcer was entertainment at its best, but it completely took away from the action in the ring. PTP dominated first, until The Usos made the hot tag and won with the Top Rope Splash. A big win for The Usos, but greatly overshadowed by the commentary mishap.






Final Thoughts: We went into the show and expected an Orton/Cesaro showdown and we got that, but The Shield’s interference once again left things unfinished and while Maddox on commentary was a riot, The Usos basically got the shaft as it was chaos. No hype for next week either, which is always good.

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