The Weekly Spotlight: 1/14/13-1/18/13

Posted: January 21, 2013 in WWE
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How do you top a week with a tremendous promo exchange between CM Punk and The Rock and a triumphant victory by Alberto Del Rio that crowned him new World Heavyweight Champion?

It’s simple. You don’t.

That didn’t mean this past week wasn’t big in its own way, it just didn’t live up to the week prior.

The 20th Anniversary of Raw felt like any other episode of Raw besides for a few video packages. Despite a funny tribute to Vickie Guerrero and the brawl that ensued afterwards, The Rock’s concert couldn’t save the show.

If you wanted a Randy Orton/Antonio Cesaro match that didn’t have a finish and a big Usos victory that was overshadowed by Brad Maddox on commentary, Main Event was the show for you.

Impact featured the Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray wedding that also had Tazz reveal himself as an Aces and Eights member.

Smackdown had a “Fiesta” but the whole show went over like a “Siesta.”

We’re going to take a look at two specific examples from the past week. One successfully “passed the torch” while the other one was confusion galore.







Kaitlyn Beats Eve For The Divas Championship (Raw, 1/14/13)

Kaitlyn Wins Divas Championship

Within the past six months, Eve and Kaitlyn must’ve had about 20,000 matches together, no joke.

It was only fitting that their very last one would be their best.

At a time when the Diva division needed someone to step up, a heel Eve did just that, as she made herself well-hated as a part of John Laurinaitis’ “People Power” brigade and humiliated Teddy Long and took shortcuts to get herself to become Champion.

Unfortunately, rumors went around that Eve was done with WWE and as we saw on Raw, they became reality when Kaitlyn suddenly became new Champion and Eve then “quit” the company in a backstage enraged promo.

Nevertheless, her last match couldn’t have been more perfect. There was a moment in the match where it seemed that she would definitely retain, but a few close near-falls later, Kaitlyn emerged victorious and she needed the rub.

Think of it as a passing of the torch of sorts. Eve certainly came a long way from being R-Truth’s ridiculous valet dancer.







Miz TV Featuring Ric Flair (Raw, 1/14/13)

The Miz Ric Flair

It hasn’t been all that long since WWE turned The Miz into a face. It wasn’t a bad decision; he’s popular, has catchphrases and above all else, can wrestle.

He came a long way himself from the Diva Search Host who actually attained X-Pac heat at one point. Through a lot of hard work, he rose his way up the ranks and became a top heel.

Since his face turn, he’s flirted with a feud with United States Champion, Antonio Cesaro. That’s all well and good, yes, but WWE confused us all when they had him host Miz TV with Ric Flair.

Unlike Flair’s appearance at the Slammy Awards, this was more like the Flair we saw in TNA: a bumbling, confused old man. For whatever reason, The Miz has begun to emulate The Nature Boy and that meant he now performs the Figure Four Leglock as a new finisher.

The Miz was just fine on his own and doesn’t need to rely on the movesets of past legends to get himself over. It doesn’t quite fit The Miz’s repertoire to copy Flair. Perhaps it would’ve worked on somebody like Daniel Bryan, a technical specialist, but not Miz.





As an added bonus, check out Nicholas Jason Lopez’s thoughts on Tazz joining Aces and Eights here:

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