The Weekly Spotlight: 1/21/13-1/25/13

Posted: January 27, 2013 in WWE
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So here we are the end of another week in pro wrestling television.

Let’s sum it up: Raw featured a senseless “Beat the Clock” challenge and The Shield found themselves tangled into the CM Punk/The Rock feud in a brilliant twist that also brought Brad Maddox into the equation.

Main Event was more of a repeat of the week prior, nothing special.

Impact was a show by a company perhaps on its way to better days, even if it was mainly all about Tazz.

Smackdown featured another epic confrontation between The Rock and CM Punk and was a great follow-up to Raw.

Let’s take this opportunity to look at two specific moments from the week. One moment was a great final sell for the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View while the other was a lost opportunity earlier in the week to do the same.






The Rock and CM Punk Steal The Show Again (Smackdown, 1/25/13)

The Rock CM Punk Smackdown Confrontation

The feud between The Rock and CM Punk got off to a steamy start with an excellent face-to-face confrontation on the January 7th Raw and they finished off final hype for the match with the same thing on the go-home Smackdown.

In this exchange, Rock was all business. No mentions of CookiePuss. No crowd-pandering jokes. It was simple, he wanted the WWE Championship that Punk had and looked to fulfill a promise he made.

Punk was great here too. He didn’t back down and remained the overconfident old-school heel he’s been.

This feud is almost four weeks old and is hotter than the year-long Rock/Cena build ever was.

Kudos to WWE on this great follow-up and all we have left to do is watch these two stars go at it.






John Cena Spends Ten Minutes Joking Rather Than Sell Royal Rumble (Raw, 1/21/13)

John Cena Raw Royal Rumble Hype Promo

As much flack as John Cena usually gets, there’s always one thing we can count on him for and that is to get us hyped for a Pay-Per-View just days away.

They hyped it plenty on Raw that Cena would address the fans about the Rumble match.

When it was show time and the curtains opened, Cena ultimately failed. He spent ten minutes playing to the crowd and talked about video games.

This was a huge disappointment on Cena’s part and if he does win the Rumble, this wasn’t much of a way to get there.

What could’ve been a great final sell had to wait until Friday when Punk/Rock faced off again.

WWE usually doesn’t drop the ball with Cena hype promos, but this was a rare miss.

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