On Sunday, The Rock won the WWE Championship from CM Punk and John Cena won the Royal Rumble match, much to the surprise of nobody. Chris Jericho made his unexpected return as well.

Raw brought back the tired Roulette concept which dominated most of the show with campy comedy but ended with a bang, as Brock Lesnar came back and F5’d Mr. McMahon to the canvas after McMahon outed Heyman as a scheme maker who kept the WWE Championship on Punk by paying Brad Maddox and The Shield.

Main Event was more of the same, with another Ryback/Antonio Cesaro match and Tensai found a new residence on Planet Funk. The show has really fallen along in quality.

Impact went overseas to Manchester, England and delivered with a strong presentation and hot crowd and started out hot, as Magnus made an excellent return. As the show went on however, things dragged. Only major progression was that Hulk Hogan lifted Bully Ray’s suspension and Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco’s predictably revealed themselves as Aces and Eights members.

Smackdown tried its best to push the Elimination Chamber match, but failed miserably. Jack Swagger randomly returned and hasn’t changed much. Alberto Del Rio and The Big Show strengthened their feud even more through an intense parking lot brawl.

All in all, an eventful week.

Let’s look at two specific moments from the week. One was all about the push of a new face brilliantly done while the other was quite possibly one of the worst segments ever.







Bo Dallas Upsets Wade Barrett (Raw, 1/28/13)

Bo Dallas Wade Barrett

Things started innocently enough when Bo Dallas won a chance to compete at the Royal Rumble.

In the Rumble match itself, Dallas put in an impressive showing that was highlighted when he eliminated Wade Barrett from the match to a big pop.

It almost had shades of Maven’s elimination of Undertaker back in ’02, but Dallas is more over now than Maven ever was.

We wondered to ourselves if Dallas was just there for the Rumble, but those thoughts quickly vanished once Barrett challenged Dallas on Raw.

The match was good and Dallas put in another strong, charismatic performance. Barrett geared up for his Bullhammer Elbow finisher, but Dallas countered it into a Powerslam and pinned Barrett to everyone’s shock.

Now, it was nowhere near 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon, but it’s hard to deny Dallas’ talent in the ring and Barrett has helped Dallas make a name for himself.

In the midst of dancing men in lingerie and the utter ridiculousness we get on TV sometimes, it’s moments like these that truly get wrestlers over.

Plus, Barrett got his heat back on Smackdown when he ambushed Dallas backstage and left him laid out on the floor. It’s been a great feud so far.







The Worst Segment Ever (Raw, 1/28/13)

The Great Khali Sings Shawn Michaels Theme Song

Let’s run it down: Jerry Lawler presented WWE Karaoke with The Great Khali, Natalya, Hornswoggle and Zack Ryder.

Khali began to mumble Shawn Michael’s theme song in a true face palm moment. When it couldn’t come sooner, he was interrupted.

Unfortunately, this was 3MB who interrupted. They began to go after Khali. McIntyre got chopped and Ryder helped Khali as well.

The crowd was deadly silent, but actually cheered a little from a Top-Rope Splash from Hornswoggle on Mahal.

It’s segments like this that cement what’s wrong with WWE.

Where is the Khali/Natalya/Hornswoggle trio heading? Why are they together?

Plus worse, 3MB is still horrible. If WWE doesn’t expect us to take them seriously, why should we see them as any kind of threat?

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