Main Event Analysis: Filler Hour Spectacular

Posted: February 7, 2013 in WWE
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WWE Main Event Logo

There was a time when Main Event actually meant something.

We’d see a “big” match with hype videos for each competitor and then they’d tell the rest of the story in the ring. It’s a simple formula that has made for some mostly good shows.

Somewhere along the way though, that format has been dropped. Main Event has now become the Filler Hour Spectacular. Not sure if WWE has lost faith in the show, but it seemed evident here.

Granted, there were three matches, but none of them were worth the time to seek out.





The Breakdown:

- Michael Cole and JBL opened the show on commentary. Cole said Vince McMahon had surgery and was home resting. JBL said there could be more patients in the hospital with Vickie Guerrero’s signing of Brock Lesnar.

- Cody Rhodes’ music hit. He came down to the ring. He cut a promo about how angry he was that he couldn’t compete in the Elimination Chamber match. Cole told him to get into the ring because he had a match with Sheamus next. Rhodes protested. He said he wouldn’t go anywhere until Booker T put him in the Chamber match. He grabbed a chair and sat in the ring. (Yep, another sit-down strike, because those have worked so well in the past) Cole told him Booker wasn’t there because it was Main Event, not Smackdown. Rhodes said he didn’t care and wanted Booker. Sheamus’ music hit. He came out and told Rhodes they had a match and to just take the Brogue Kick like a man. Rhodes mocked Sheamus in what was supposed to be a Scottish accent. Sheamus said Rhodes’ impression sucked. Rhodes said it had nothing to do with Sheamus and told him that unless he was Booker T, he wanted nothing to do with him. Sheamus began to impersonate Booker T and then Guerrero. Rhodes said there were people in the office who owed the Rhodes family favors. Sheamus asked Rhodes if he’d really go into McMahon’s recovery room and demand a Title match. Rhodes said yes. Sheamus told him McMahon would probably fire him. (Cue McMahon impression) Rhodes attacked Sheamus and he hit him back. Harmless promo despite the tired sit-down strike concept. What has Rhodes exactly done to warrant himself a Title match anyway? Hasn’t he lost his last six matches? This couldn’t had been further from the “big fight feel” this show used to have.

- Sheamus def. Cody Rhodes: Decent match, although it came off as a glorified squash match. Sheamus hit a Fallaway Slam on Rhodes into the barricade for a cool spot. Rhodes attempted the Cross Rhodes, but Sheamus got out of it and hit the White Noise. He geared up for the Brogue Kick and hit it. 1-2-3.

- A video hyped CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber.

- Damien Sandow came out. He said Rhodes deserved a spot in the Chamber match and insulted the fans for siding with an “Albino Irishman.” Big heat. Sandow said he’d avenge Rhodes’ loss by beating his archnemesis and called out Daniel Bryan, who came out to a loud reaction.

- Damien Sandow def. Daniel Bryan: As the action spilled to the outside, Bryan rolled Sandow into the ring. Kane’s pyro hit and music hit and he came to the ring. Kane made the ring pyro go off, much to Bryan’s shock. Sandow swooped in from behind and hit the Neckbreaker to get the win. We have seen this match a lot lately, so take solace in the fact that at least they managed for find another way to get more tension between Bryan and Kane.

- After the match, Kane smiled at Bryan and mouthed “I’m sorry” as Bryan yelled.

- Backstage, Brodus Clay walked and stopped at the food tables. Aksana walked up to him. She told him he needed some real women around. Tamina came up to him as well and said she could be sensual, all this while she wolfed a cake down. She tried to touch Clay’s face. Aksana told Clay he needed to hire them. The Funkadactlyls came up to them. Everybody bickered. Aksana called one of them “Kofi” and they got upset. Mini-brawl ensued, liquid ended up on somebody. Not important.

- The Raw Rebound recapped The Shield being attacked on Raw. Really cool video that made up for the initial crowd reaction when it went down live.

- The Funkadactyls (w/Brodus Clay) def. Tamina/Aksana: Tamina and Aksana attacked the Funkadactyls from behind. Clay joined commentary briefly to argue with JBL and went to his ladies’ corners. Naomi hit Tamina with a Crossbody to get the victory. Meh.





Final Thoughts: Nothing was hyped for next week either, so we’ll probably get something fairly close to what we got this week. If that’s the case, find something else to do on Wednesday nights. Main Event isn’t worth it.

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