The Weekly Spotlight: 2/11/13-2/15/13

Posted: February 17, 2013 in TNA, WWE
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With another week in the books, Elimination Chamber is all set and ready to go and TNA inches closer to Lockdown.

Let’s sum it up:

Raw had plenty of hype towards the Pay-per-View and advanced storylines in most feuds with good segments and matches, but it was hard to ignore the “burn out” feeling the three-hour shows provide.

Main Event featured an unforgettable encounter between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler and recaps from Raw.

Impact went to the Wembley Arena in London and continued to present itself well on television. The show itself wasn’t too bad either as there were a few notable matches. Unfortunately, the show’s ending put a sour taste on things.

Smackdown tried its best to put some final hype towards Elimination Chamber but it wasn’t anything that wasn’t already established on Raw.

Now we rewind back to two moments of the past week, one of them was a superb match that was worth seeking out and brought a show that was treading water of late back to basics while the other was a forgettable promo from someone who is known for his promos.






Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler (Main Event, 2/13/13)

Dolph Ziggler Alberto Del Rio Main Event

On paper, this may had been a tricky match, but somehow the two put it all in the ring and proved everybody wrong.

Del Rio needed a big win headed into Elimination Chamber and he got it here. Meanwhile, Ziggler, who seems to lack direction and actually isn’t booked in a match on the Pay-Per-View, made the most of things again.

He bumped around like crazy as usual and turned this into a pure thriller.

It was nice to Main Event to find its way back to what made it work in the first place. True, we didn’t get any video packages or that old-school “big fight” feel before the match but after it was done, we forgot all about that.






The Rock’s “Nashville” Promo (Raw, 2/11/13)

The Rock Nashville Promo

Since The Rock hasn’t wrestled any matches since he won the WWE Championship from CM Punk at the Royal Rumble, WWE tried to make us forget about all that and sent Rock out to the Nashville crowd to sell their city and put them over.

The connection wasn’t quite clear and how 15 year-old Rock got a car for $40 from a crackhead was pretty irrelevant to his upcoming match at Elimination Chamber.

What was the point of this anyway? Yeah, it set up the confrontation with Punk, who stole back the Championship Belt, but something about it just disappointed greatly.

Rock and Punk set things off right with their January 7th exchange on Raw and for some reason, every encounter after has felt like it has failed to live up.

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