Main Event Analysis: The Lovestache Strikes Back… Sort Of

Posted: February 28, 2013 in WWE
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Fresh off the clinic that concluded Raw between John Cena and CM Punk, WWE barreled into Main Event with a wee amount of momentum.

However, it was immediately killed when all we had was a match already seen a couple weeks before and a squash.

Mix that with your usual friendly dose of recaps (which was better than most weeks because it was related to the two best parts of Raw) and you had yourself a generic Main Event episode.

Nevertheless, it was great that WWE acknowledged all the positive feedback from Cena/Punk and really took advantage of it. Consider the cow milked, ladies and gents.






The Breakdown:

- Footage played earlier that day of Kaitlyn as she walked down a backstage corridor. She went into a doorway and nearly bumped into Cody Rhodes. He went one way and she followed. She sarcastically asked if he wanted to dance. He replied he had a few moves. She questioned whether it was him or his “lovestache” that possessed those moves. Rhodes was about to answer when Sheamus walked into the scene. He embraced Kaitlyn and asked her if “Magnum P.I.” bothered her. Rhodes took exception and called him “Handlebars.” Sheamus acknowledged his own facial hair, but said at least it didn’t look like a caterpillar. Rhodes said he was a grown man. Sheamus told him to relax. Rhodes responded that he wouldn’t because Sheamus kept getting involved in his business and disrespected him and proposed to settle it in the ring. Sheamus brought up their match a couple of weeks ago where he won. Rhodes called it a fluke and said he’d finish what they started. Sheamus agreed and walked away. Rhodes told Kaitlyn to watch the match because the “lovestache” would strike back. Decent exchange, but let’s get this right: Sheamus is in a feud with The Shield, Wade Barrett over a movie cameo appearance and now Rhodes over facial hair?

- The opening montage played and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler (yes, you read that right) checked in on commentary.

- Sheamus def. Cody Rhodes: Certainly no Punk vs. Cena, but better than two weeks ago. They kind of just went through the motions and ran through the usual spots. Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick again.

- Cole and Lawler hyped the Punk/Cena match shown in its entirety later on. They actually made the right call here just because it was such an excellent match. Then, they hyped Mark Henry vs. Justin Gabriel as the next match. That’s your time filler, folks…

- Mark Henry def. Justin Gabriel: General squash match. Let’s just say Henry was Chris Brown and Gabriel was Rihanna. Henry won with a vicious World’s Strongest Slam. Obviously, they’ve kept him strong, but where is he headed for come WrestleMania? Hopefully not The Great Khali. Don’t let that match happen, Creative. Whatever you do.

- A hype video for Ryback aired, you know, the WWE’s version of Rambo.

- Rhodes caused havoc backstage, obviously overcome with emotion from his earlier loss. Kaitlyn noticed and ran on over. She blurted out, “The moustache doesn’t give up” and they shared an awkward look for about ten seconds before she walked away. Interesting chemistry.

- A video package recapped the Paul Heyman/Vince McMahon “fight” that turned into the Triple H/Brock Lesnar melee. Obviously, they had to use black and white given the excessive blood, but they made it work. Then they re-aired Triple H’s Tout promo.

- Cole and Lawler briefly discussed the magnitude of the Cena/Punk match to set it up and reaired it in its entirety. No complaints here.






Final Thoughts: Not much on the newsworthy side, but that was expected. Wonder if we’ll see Cena/Punk again on Smackdown. The match was that good where it wouldn’t be a problem. The most conflicting aspect of this show was Lawler on commentary. Not that it was bad, but it felt like Lawler gave the impression that he “lowered” himself to be there. One example in particular was when he asked Cole, “Is this what Main Event is always like?” That pretty much showed that Lawler never watched the show before. With the same commentary team on Raw for Main Event, it actually made Main Event come off as a second-rate Raw. That’s just nitpicking, though.

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