This was an interesting week in wrestling.

Raw featured WrestleMania hype, but that was sidelined with plenty of filler. Well, that was until the end anyway. More on that below.

Main Event was newsworthy and featured a good match between Kane and Antonio Cesaro. This show however had its bad moments. More on that also below.

Impact was once again the best show of the week. It was hot, with excellent hype for the Corpus Christi show and had a memorable exchange between Sting and Hulk Hogan as well as a good match between Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez and Bad Influence.

Smackdown had a random John Laurinaitis appearance and tested the trio of Sheamus, Randy Orton and The Big Show again.






The Rock and John Cena Face Off In Front Of WWE Hall of Fame 2013 Panel (Raw, 3/25/13)

The Rock Rock Bottoms John Cena Raw

This was a perfect case of things working out.

WWE has done a much better job with the feud between The Rock and John Cena this year.

The Rock is the confident WWE Champion who has an unbreakable connection with the people, while John Cena looks for redemption from his loss last year to turn his “bad 2012″ around and is obsessed with beating The Rock.

It was here that Cena showed a bit more fire than usual and tapped into a more heelish version of himself. The stage can very well be set for a Cena turn at WrestleMania. Never count anything out. Remember Stone Cold Steve Austin’s promos before WrestleMania X-Seven and how that worked out?

It would be a big risk business-wise, but think of the possibilities it could bring. Even if WWE has no intentions of turning Cena, kudos to them for at least creating an intriguing case for it.

This was also a good way to get the Hall of Fame class some exposure. They set the stage for Cena and Rock to really drive this segment. The Rock Bottom at the end and Cena’s dejected facial expression afterwards was great.






Antonio Cesaro Begins To Yodel (Main Event, 3/27/13)

Antonio Cesaro Yodel

Antonio Cesaro has had an interesting time in WWE. Sometimes, he quietly steals the show in the ring, but other times, he is lost in the shuffle.

He has been United States Champion since SummerSlam yet, he doesn’t feel like a big deal.

His gimmick isn’t bad and even had a thing sarcastically waving the American flag around, but things went wrong once he put the flag away and pulled out the yodeling.

Is WWE just trying to make Cesaro a joke? You can’t take a man who yodels seriously and worse yet, they’re making Cesaro serious about his yodeling.

How does this help him in any way? Feel free to point it out, because there’s no hope here.

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